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How to Keep Your Home Heated This Winter

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The dark winter nights are here, and in Edinburgh, that means cold temperatures and the need to keep your home warm and cosy in the most cost effective way possible. Ensuring your home is properly heated is essential for your comfort, mental and physical health and energy efficiency. In this post, we'll explore four key ways to keep your home heated this winter and how we can assist you in achieving a warm and welcoming home.

  1. Fitting Draught-Proofing: One of the most effective ways to retain heat in your home is by tackling draughts. Draughts can make your home feel much colder than it actually is and cause your heating system to work harder. Here at Malbet Services we offer expert handyperson services, including draught-proofing solutions to seal gaps and cracks in doors and windows, ensuring that your home remains draft-free. This simple step can significantly improve your home's energy efficiency.

  2. Insulating Wall Cavities: Proper insulation is a key component of an energy-efficient home. We can help you insulate your wall cavities, preventing heat loss and making your home warmer. Insulated walls retain heat better, reducing the need for constant heating, which can lead to substantial energy savings over time. Our construction team can help you out with this in a timely manner.

  3. Insulating Hot Water Cylinders and Pipes: Insulating your hot water cylinders and pipes is another effective way to keep your home heated during the winter, helping to maintain hot water temperatures and reduce heat loss. This not only keeps your home warm but also contributes to lower energy bills. We can help you insulate your cylinders and pipes to save you the time and hassle.

  4. Fitting a Robust and Reliable Central Heating System: Your central heating system is the heart of your home's warmth. Malbet Services specialises in heating services, offering installation, maintenance, and repairs of central heating systems. We can help you choose the right central heating system and radiators for your home's specific needs, ensuring it operates efficiently, keeping your space comfortably warm throughout the winter.

Keeping your home heated during the winter is essential for your wellbeing. We offer a range of services here in Edinburgh to help you achieve this goal. Whether it's draught-proofing, wall cavity insulation, hot water cylinder and pipe insulation, or installing a reliable central heating system, we have the expertise to keep your home warm throughout the cold winter months.

Don't let those icy temperatures get the best of you and your home - contact us today to ensure your property is ready for a warm and welcoming winter season.

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