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Painting & Decorating - Do it yourself or hire a professional?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Often people consider painting and decorating as one of the easier DIY jobs and want to give it a try themselves. If it’s a small job, this might be ok, but for bigger tasks it is really important to take into consideration the following advice before you begin.

Tools and paint

For the desired finish you need the proper tools and equipment. This includes anything from protective sheets, brushes, rollers and ladders for the hard to reach places. To get the job done right, you need to get the best tools you can get as this will really improve the finish. Getting the equipment yourself can add up costs and time spent on the project.

It is also important to get the right paint. Different rooms and materials require different paints. A professional can advise of the best primer, paint and finish for your home renovation.


Preparation is key and a professional will assess whether the walls need to be skimmed or plastered first and will do this properly before starting with the paint work. It is crucial that time and consideration is taken during the preparation stage and that this stage isn't rushed as it can have a huge knock on effect to the end result.

The quality of the finish will depend on the the skill level of the individual, the tools they have, the detail of the project, and the prep work that needs to be done.

Save time

It is often a misconception that painting and decorating is a relaxing job. It can be a very time consuming and frustrating task for an unexperienced individual.

With a professional, the painting job will have lasting quality and stand the test of time. Whereas if you do it alone you may get cracks very soon after and need to spend more time and money on fixing them.

If you are looking to redecorate and would like to achieve a beautiful, long lasting finish, we would advise to hire a professional. Here at Malbet Services we have experienced painters and decorators ready to complete your project.

To book a free quotation with us, please click here.

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