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Deep Clean in Oxford Terrace

Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

Edinburgh is renowned for it's beautiful architecture and buildings and here at Malbet we have the luxury of helping to maintain these homes, many which are historic and sentimental.

To keep Edinburgh beautiful it is crucial we maintain the properties within in, especially when they are being let out to others. Whether that requires extensive building work to restore it's natural beauty, or maybe the property just needs a good deep clean, we are here to help. Having a lovely place to live is crucial to physical and mental health and we are passionate about providing effective solutions to landlords, letting agencies, tenants, landlords and businesses in and around the city.

Our team was recently sent to this attractive property in Oxford Terrace for deep cleaning job, which brought the building back to life.

The job included a full deep clean of all rooms; the lounge, bathroom, kitchen, hallway, stairwell and bedrooms.

In addition to this all the windows in the property were cleaned, the large living room rug was cleaned with care and we also provided a deep oven clean to leave the kitchen sparkling.

It was a great property to have worked on and the clients were really happy with the results. Our cleaning professionals are efficient, reliable and you can book a cleaning slot on our website directly.

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